Born in Medellin, Colombia and raised in South Florida. She is an Actress, Director, Screenwriter, and Filmmaker.
Her beginnings in the industry were in Miami studying Journalism and photography. She has been published both in poetry books and photography compilations. She came to Los Angeles with a dream of becoming an actress in feature films, and soon learned that she had to create her own content. She started using her writing skills to develop projects and learned crew work, from DP, lighting, Sound, PA Location Scouting and even some Line Producing.

She has worked extensively with small businesses, from Real Estate to Entrepreneurs, as an Accounts Manager, helping them grow and organize their business. Eliza is incredibly detail oriented and meticulous when it comes to a businesses finances.

She is working on several projects now and if you're interested in collaborating or finding out more about these projects, please go to the projects tab of her site.